Luka Pratljačić won the quarterfinals of the EUBC European Championships in Belgrade

Luka Pratljačić won the quarterfinals of the EUBC European Championships in Belgrade

Luka Pratljačić stepped into the ring with Azerbaijani Olympian Mahammad Abdullayev in the round of 16 of the EUBC European Championships in Belgrade. Last year, Abdullayev was a silver finalist at the European Games in Krakow, where he secured a berth at the Paris Olympics, and he won a bronze medal at the 2021 World Championships in Belgrade. Pratljačić and Abdullayev already met in 2019 when our representative lost their game at the U-22 European Championship, where the Azerbaijani then became U-22 European champion.

Our super heavyweight from Osijek had a challenging task ahead of him. In the first round we saw an excellent and fairly even match, with both fighters delivering a lot of quality punches. Three judges concluded that Abdullayev won the first round and two judges sided with the Croatian representative.

In the second round we see that the Azerbaijani fighter has slowed down a little, lowers his hands more and our fighter’s better fitness preparation comes to the fore. Four judges give the second round to Pratljačić.

In the third round we see Pratljačić gaining a significant advantage and we can see that Abdullayev’s nose started to bleed. All judges gave Osijek the final round and in the end he was declared the winner by a split decision from the judges.

On his Facebook profile, the Croatian Boxing Federation wrote, among other things: “Luka kept the initiative and waited for the moment of a murderous left with which he could break off the fight, but above all had to beware of dangerous attempts.” vicious hooks from the Azerbaijanis. Pratljačić controlled the decisive third round, imposing his style of clean long-range shots and earning a significant victory over his opponent from the top of the super heavyweight division. In the fight for a medal at the European Championships, he will face the representative of Montenegro in the quarterfinals.

Congratulations, Luka, and good luck in the next fight in the quarterfinals of the European Championships!


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