M Pokora inaugurates a brand new restaurant with Christina Milian!

M Pokora inaugurates a brand new restaurant with Christina Milian!

On August 14, M Pokora and his partner Christina Milian opened a restaurant in New York. This is a project of the singer accompanied by his companion. And for the opening, there was their friend: Tony Parker. We tell you more.

M Pokora opens a restaurant in New York

The singer has just launched a new project. Indeed, M Pokora has just opened a restaurant in the center of New York in Manhattan. This is a project that the artist has with his friend Vincent Benoliel. And it’s not the first.

Indeed, the first restaurant was in Los Angeles. City where the singer, his partner and their two children Isaiah and Kenna live. Before that, the artist opened two restaurants in France: in Lille and Paris. But what is it?

The name is Pasta Corner. And as you can imagine, they eat pasta there. The opening of this new place will be on August 28 in Manhattan. A great achievement for the two friends who had this project for a long time.

“2 friends, 1 dream. If I can make it here, I would do it anywhere“. therefore writes M Pokora in the caption of his photo to announce the opening of the restaurant. The purpose of this restaurant is first of all to choose the kind of pasta you want to taste.

Then the sauce that will accompany your dish. A concept which exists in Italy and which is a hit! In any case, the singer often has projects that are not related to the song. With Christina Milian, he would like to launch his brand of champagne.

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The artist has many projects

If you want to taste, several addresses exist in Paris. Count between 11 and 19 euros to taste M Pokora’s pasta. And you should know that you have the choice with many sauces. Including the vodka one!

In any case, the project is doing well if the two men can open a restaurant in New York. For its part, it is a lot of things to manage for the singer. He also explained that his family life was quite hectic.

But M Pokora manages to manage everything. Besides, his tour has already started. A tour he does for the 20 years of his career. A new challenge after not having sung on stage for several years. Especially because of covid-19.

And it hits! The singer simply set fire to La Défense Arena! However, he does not want the tickets to be too expensive for his fans. A nice gesture for those who have been following him for two decades now!

In any case, M Pokora does not stop! Whether it’s a new restaurant or a tour. If you like pasta Pasta Corner is for you. And in addition, there are restaurants in France. So, it’s time to taste to see the quality!

No need to go to New York. Good news !


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