Maeva Ghennam knocked out by a famous New Star candidate!

Maeva Ghennam knocked out by a famous New Star candidate!

While Maeva Ghennam has never hidden her surgeries, she has to face criticism. Today, it is a former candidate of the New Star who tackles the young woman. AIO Information tells you everything from A to Z!

Maeva Ghennam shakes the Web

No one can miss the famous Maeva Ghennam. Indeed, since his arrival in Les Marseillais, the latter continues to be talked about. It must be said that with her fiery personality and her outspokenness, the candidate does not really go unnoticed. Eh yes !

Moreover, Maeva Ghennam does not talk about her only in reality TV shows. Indeed, very active on the Web, the young woman agrees to open the doors of her enmity on her social networks. She then films her life and is very spontaneous. Something to delight his most curious fans.

On her social networks, the pretty brunette takes the opportunity to send messages. While she’s never afraid of say what she really thinks, the latter often takes the opportunity to swing what is on her heart. So, his enemies just have to watch out!

If Maeva Ghennam does not hesitate to tackle the others and balance the bottom of her thought, she also has to deal with criticism. Accustomed to the tackles of Internet users, the latter is starting to get used to it. It must be said that since her debut, the young woman has experienced many controversies.

Today, she finds herself criticized by an ex-candidate of the New Star. Indeed, Myriam Abel tackles her cosmetic surgery operations. AIO Information tells you more!

Maeva Ghennam knocked out by a famous New Star candidate!

Myriam Abel (New Star) tackles the star of Marseille

It’s no secret that Maeva Ghennam has resorted, many times, to cosmetic surgery. Indeed, the Marseillais star has never hidden his addiction to practice. The latter does not deprive herself of anything and intends to obtain the physique of her dreams.

In reality, Maeva Ghennam is not the only reality TV candidate to succumb to cosmetic surgery. Jessica Thivenin also benefited from it. Moreover, the wife of Thibault Garcia finds herself, every day, criticized for these interventions.

Moreover, today, the two candidates of the Marseillais are subject to new criticism. Indeed, in an interview given to Jordan De Luxe, Myriam Abel, candidate for the New Star, was very frank. She then swung on the two young women.

Responding to criticism of her own surgery, the latter said: “It doesn’t affect me. There is internet life and real life. And it makes me laugh that people talk so much about my injections. I’m just fighting against age! » Before adding: “I am especially shocked to see 20-year-old girls the face completely transformed, like Maeva Ghennam or Jessica Thivenin. They are chtarbés! »

Maeva Ghennam, who does not have her tongue in her pocket, could very quickly respond to the reality TV candidate. His fans just have to be ready. To be continued.


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