Marcelino: “Incredible to have so much bad luck”


The wheel of misfortune.

Winner of Reims on the first day, OM failed to continue on the lawn of Metz (2-2). A new disappointment, three days after the end of the dream of qualifying for the group stage of the Champions League. “All the elements went against uslamented Marcelino at a press conference. We shot 22 times and we got more than ten clear chances (…) while on our rival’s side, second shot, goal, then third shot, goal. We should have won, and by a large margin. Football is defined by success. We missed it, that’s how it is. »

Like Tuesday evening against Panathinaikos, which the Spanish technician digests even less. “We are in August. I have experienced few situations like that in my career. In three days, we played two matches where each time, we should have won by far, scoring a lot of goals. It’s unbelievable that we didn’t win this game and that there are similar circumstances, so much bad luck, on these two games. he declared, slipping in spite of everything on a positive note: I believe that in terms of play, chances created, we are on the right track. (…) We were able to put the blow we received on Tuesday behind us. I am proud of my players. »

Trust the process.


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