Married at first sight: a leading candidate in Time to love on TF1!

Married at first sight: a leading candidate in Time to love on TF1!

A former Married at First Sight candidate finds himself in a new reality show. This time on TFX. Her name ? Time to love. Will he find love this time? But who is it? We tell you more in this article.

A candidate for Married at first sight in another reality show

This is a brand new reality TV show that tells us about love. Indeed, Time to Love will be broadcast on TFX from August 24th. And one face might be familiar to you because it’s a former Married at First Sight contestant.

If some are now married and even have children others have not found love on the show. So this candidate decided to try his luck elsewhere. Another very different experience but with the same goal: to find love.

But who is it? And if we say Fred to you, does that mean anything to you? Indeed, the young man participated in Married at first sight during season 5. The young man had moved many viewers.

But his relationship with Emeline did not work. Yet everyone wanted to believe it! However, the candidate remained friends with his ex-wife. And not long ago we saw it also quite close to Léaa candidate of the season.

But the Married at First Sight candidate is trying a new experience with Time to Love. The concept is different and very similar to “Love is blind”. Because the candidates do not see each other.

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Time to Love: a new show to find love

But what is this new show? In this show, 5 women, single of course, will try to find love among 8 participants. Including Fred from Married at First Sight! They will then meet them one after the other. But a small subtlety: they won’t be able to see them!

At each stage, the young women will have to choose with whom they wish to continue and with whom they wish to stop there. This will therefore be done gradually. The goal is of course to feel a certain chemistry.

But once the booth is off and the candidate is away, there’s no going back. So, you will have to choose well! Another complication: several women may have a connection with the same man.

Because the candidates are common. We hope that for the candidate of Married at first sight, there will be a connection. Because until now, love does not smile too much on him. In all, candidates will have 100 hours to decide.

A show that may put our nerves to the test. Anyway, that means that the new darling of Fred will not have lasted. Or that he met him after the show. Because we remember, in July, a new woman appeared.

So what should we deduce from this? Hard to say. In any case, you will be able to see the episodes of this new reality TV from August 24th. Will it work? Case to follow.


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