Married at first sight: Ludivine and Raphaël together again?

Married at first sight: Ludivine and Raphaël together again?

Many fans of Married at first sight hoped to see the unification of Ludivine and Raphael. Without any filters, the two candidates have lifted the veil on their situation… AIO Information tells you everything.

Married at first sight: Ludivine and Raphaël pamper themselves like never before

A few weeks ago, Channel 6 launched the eighth edition of Married at first sight ! Much to the dismay of viewers, this new season is coming to an end soon.

As a reminder, the last episode will be released on June 24. However, it is possible to broadcast it in preview on 6play Max and Mykanal. The latest news as reported Feminine, Some couples are still relevant… Like this by Tracy and Flo.

Everything is going well between them! Almost a year after filming, the lovebirds, who often reveal their news on the Internet, report still seem to love each other like the first day. The same goes for Alice and Florian or even Loïc and Ophélie.

For now, the secret remains for Romain and Camille! Unfortunately for the lovers, other participants preferred to take other paths. Like Jérémy and Marie, whose nasty argument finally destroyed their beautiful bond.

Ludivine and Raphaël also decided to split up. Apparently, the pretty brunette did not appreciate her behavior towards him. In front of the camera, however, he tried everything for everything to win him back… Without success !

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The end of a beautiful story

After working on herself, Ludivine became aware of many of her mistakes. “Why didn’t we try it again in real life?” then asked the thirty-year-old, who was sometimes destabilized Cash remarks her husband.

Raphael replied: “ You shinewith your smile, but with all these elements, with everything that has happened for me, it is unimaginable.” An answer to which her interlocutor preferred to respond philosophically: “ I was still happy to meet you in my life.”

Unofficially, the main character was more transparent about him. I’m happy that she has moved on, that she has calmed down, but as far as I’m concerned, the chapter is closed.” He pointed out.

A carefully considered decision that could sadden many of her admirers. When I see Ludivine now, I look different than the first time, after everything that has happened, there is no longer no longer the little spark, the little alchemy that was in the beginning”, added Raphael.

And finally: I don’t look at them anymore through the eyes of the man. So for those most affected, it is a game changer!

For TV Mag, Ludivine spoke about what had upset her at the beginning of the show. As a reminder, Raphaël had confided to him that he did not feel attracted from her physically.

» I came out of relationships where physical attraction was immediate and mutual » she analyzed. ” I couldn’t imagine that over time, as he got to know me better by learning to like my personality, he would fully appreciate me physically or not. I felt it was rejection and didn’t feel attractive in his eyes. I’ve lost my footing. »


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