Married at first sight: Maximilien poses with his new companion!

Mariés au premier regard: Maximilien pose avec sa nouvelle compagne !

Maximilien, candidate of Married at first sight, posted a photo on which we see his new darling.

Maximilien has found love since his separation from Estelle. The candidate of Married at first sight even posted a photo on which we see his new darling. MCE TV explains everything from A to Z!

Maximilien has found love since Married at first sight

Maximilien and Estelle formed a star couple in season 7 of Married at first sight. However, from the beginning of their relationship, the current did not go very well.

Estelle had difficulty getting her father to accept her marriage, Maximilien did not appreciate his new wife’s remarks about his work. They decided to divorce.

Shortly after Married at first sight, the young man has found love again. Very quickly, he showed himself rather in love.

Maximilian even mentioned the idea of make a little brother or a little sister to his 6-year-old daughter with this mysterious woman. It’s something they think about.

A little brother for Charline, that would be greatbut I’m also resigning for a princess, it’s so nice »he confessed.

In short, everything is going well for Maximilien. Moreover, he who has always wanted to keep his relationship to himself, he posted a photo on Instagram on which we can see the silhouette of his new companion.

For fans of Married at first sightthere is no doubt. She looks a lot like his ex-wife in the M6 ​​show. MCE TV tells you more about it!

” There’s no hazard “

Maximilien was pretty clear with his fans: he doesn’t intend to say too much about his new relationship. He wishes preserve his new darling of his notoriety.

” Everything in its time. For now, we want take advantage of our history away from the networks. But I wanted to share this with you because it’s an important step, ”explained the candidate of Married at first sight.

Before continuing:I am just. When I’m in a relationship, I’m 100% there. I think I’m on the right track.” That has the merit of being clear.

However, this Tuesday, August 8, 2023, the candidate of Married at first sight posted a photo of him and his girlfriend on the beach. The face of the latter is not visible, however, we can see her silhouette.

“Ithere is not by chance, only appointments », he wrote in the caption of his post. That said, what struck the fans was the resemblance between this woman and Estelle, Maximilien’s ex-wife.

“But it’s crazy, it looks like Estelle too much. Against the light, difficult to know. In any case it matches”, “The same corpulence as Estelle. Congratulations to you 2, full of happiness”, ” Very good, Are you in a relationship with Estelle again?“, can we read in the comment section.

One thing is certain, Maximilien seems happier than ever with his new darling. The fans, for their part, are waiting for only one thing: to know more about her. To be continued !


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