Meghan Markle, Adele and Vianney: these star friendships are unknown!

Meghan Markle, Adele and Vianney: these star friendships are unknown!

Neighbours, sports companions, colleagues… it doesn’t take much for two stars to be friends. And often, these relationships remain rather discreet. Adele and Meghan Markle, Carla Bruni and Gérald Darmanin… AIO Information lists the friendships of unknown stars!

Famous friends of Meghan Markle

Since they settled in the United States, Meghan Markle and Harry have made several friends. Starting with David Beckam and his wife, Victoria Beckam.

The couple is also close to Orlando Bloom, Katty Perry or even Oprah Winfrey with whom they did their shock interview. Finally, Meghan Markle is also very close to Serena Williams.

“She became a confidante I texted when I was traveling, the friend I had lunch with a few weeks ago in Toronto”she confided on her site.

In short, Meghan Markle has several friendships that are well known to the general public. But, she also maintains friendly relations with other stars in the greatest secrecy. And it’s not the only one! AIO Information tells you more!

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The unknown friendships of stars

Meghan Markle is a very good example of a star who has hidden friendships. Indeed, did you know that she was very close to the singer Adele ? Neighbors for a time, the two women got closer thanks to pilates classes they did together.

This is also the case of Vianey and the sportswoman Alizé Cornet who have bonded on the tennis court. In addition, friendships are also created in politics: this is the case of Gérald Darmanin and Carla Bruni or Nicolas Sarcozy and Anne Hidaldo.

But Meghan Markle or Carla Bruni are far from the only ones in this case. Pierre Niney and Francois Civil haven’t let go since they shot movies together, same for Marina Foïs and Louane. In short, these are not isolated cases!

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