Meghan Markle and Harry do not agree on the education of children?

Meghan Markle and Harry do not agree on the education of children?

A big tension between Meghan Markle and Prince Harry about children? While they joined the United States to take care of Lilibet and Archie, the Sussexes would see big differences of opinion coming… MCETV tells you more!

Different points of view?

Because a few weeks ago, a rumor stirred the web: Prince Harry would have decided to leave the family home. Since then, the echoes seem rather reassuring for the Sussexes. However, according to The Sun, the atmosphere would still not be good.

Even if we know the propensity of the English tabloids to give a lot of crisper details than totally accurate on the private life of Meghan Markle and her family, the Daily Mail (among others) agrees with its competitor on one point: all is not so well.

Indeed, the two parents of Lilibet and Archie do not seem disagree on how to educate their children. To the point that, according to the media, disputes break out on a fairly regular basis… And that the differences are felt more and more.

Prince Harry seems so very marked by the death of his mother, Lady Diana. But above all by the treatment made of it by the media. For her part, Meghan Markle seems less inclined to end her popularity permanently.

So the actress decided to relaunch his Instagram account. Known for her superb portrayal of Rachel in the series Suits, it has acquired great popularity in the USA. A popularity that she intends to regainnow that she lives in Los Angeles.

Meghan Markle and Harry at odds

Except that his desire to expose himself a little more does not suit Prince Harry. The Sun thus points to a real difference between the spouses. Because the small difference of opinion is felt more and more. Especially at the level of children.

Meghan Markle is probably thinking of showing a little more Lilibet and Archie to give content to her fans. While the Sussexes have new projects that could be coming to Netflix, exposing their children seems to him a good idea.

Except that after having seen his whole life exposed by the English media, Prince Harry does not want to make his children experience the same thing. The Sun therefore emphasizes that each one has “his own opinion” of what to do with the public image by Lilibet and Archie.

The tabloid thus insists on the fact that Prince Harry seems obsessed with security and privacy of his children. No question that they end up on the front of the stage, whatever the way … Except that his wife does not seem to agree.

Always according to The Sun, who tends not to do lace with Meghan Markle, the actress does everything for “return to the front of the stage”. Stop exposing your children. What create a real break within the couple?


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