Meteor Lake: Image of the discontinued desktop series surfaced

Meteor Lake: Image of the discontinued desktop series surfaced

Instead of the new Meteor Lake processors, Intel will probably only bring a refresh of the already available Raptor Lake models onto the market in the desktop segment this year. The switch to the new Intel 4 production and the new CPU architectures for P and E cores will probably be delayed until the release of Arrow Lake next year. Originally, however, this was probably planned differently, because allegedly there is a desktop sample of Meteor Lake.

PCB and heatspreader revised

At least one photo that the Twitter user @wxnod has published speaks for this. There you can see an Intel Confidential with a previously unknown heatspreader shape, which speaks for the new LGA-1851 socket. On top of that, the grooves in the PCB match leaked socket recordings. So it’s probably actually a Meteor Lake sample and Intel only decided to cancel the desktop release after the first samples were ready.

Unfortunately, not too many other details can be made out in the photo. What is new, however, is an adapted form of the heat spreader and eight contact surfaces on the left side of the PCB. However, these could simply be measuring points that would have been missing in the final product.

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The heat spreader shape, on the other hand, should be final and thus probably correspond to the future Arrow Lake processors, which are also intended for the LGA-1851 socket. Compared to the Raptor Laker, the significantly wider gradation on the sides is noticeable here. This increases the contact area to the PCB, but at the same time reduces the contact area to the cooler. It is still unclear why Intel is taking this unusual path. But we should probably find out by next year at the latest, with the release of the Core 15000 CPUs.

Source: via Videocardz


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