Minecraft: Fan recreates Milky Way in survival mode, takes 1.5 years

Minecraft: Fan recreates Milky Way in survival mode, takes 1.5 years

Even many years after the original release of Minecraft, fans of the block simulation are still good for surprises. After one player even recreated the earth in Minecraft, Reddit user Papaya314 managed to take it a step further. Because Papaya314 has recreated the Milky Way as a spiral structure on a single-player survival server.

70 yards down, millions of blocks, no TNT

To implement his project, the player created a version of the Milky Way from blocks based on an image of the galaxy using a plugin. He then transferred this image to Minecraft’s survival mode and changed the shape of the individual parts as a whole from square to circular. In doing so, he created the illusion of a 3D image of the Milky Way.

According to Papaya314, it took around a year and a half to complete its project. In the meantime, he also worked on other projects so as not to “go crazy,” as he says himself.

In any case, the overall result is very impressive, as numerous fans on Reddit also find. For their part, several players post that they are working on their own projects, but that Papaya314’s Milky Way eclipses everything that has gone before. Particular excitement is caused by the fact that the player implemented the Milky Way into the block world without using TNT. He states that he dug about 70 yards down. The several million blocks he mined were probably an insignificant by-product of his work.

Source: via Gamerant


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