Miss France: Élodie Gossuin makes a declaration of love to her husband!

Miss France: Élodie Gossuin makes a declaration of love to her husband!

Elodie Gossuin, the former Miss France makes a declaration of love to her husband. Very happy in her couple for 20 years now, she explains what she likes in her relationship. We tell you more in this article.

Élodie Gossuin makes a declaration of love to her husband

The former Miss France has been married for 17 years now. And she is still very happy with her darling. Not long ago, she was even making secrets about his marriage. On the first of July, they celebrated their wedding anniversary.

She therefore posted on Instagram very beautiful photos with her darling. In an interview for Gala, she confided then: “ We build and grow together. Sometimes, the paths diverge a little and we no longer see life in the same way. Even when we move away, we always find each other. We are ultra-complementary”.

And even 17 years after their marriage, the former Miss France can still count on her spouse. ” I think it’s also because I have my best friend next to me. Every day we have fun. Even when I’m broke or not doing well, he’s always there to lift me up“.

And Elodie Gossuin therefore explained that she always has plenty of reasons to be with her husband and not for their children. A sincere love that is a pleasure to see. Because we remember, the young woman is also a mother of 4 children.

But at Gala, the young woman also took the opportunity to make a beautiful portrait of her husband. And his daily help. ” We’ve been together for 20 years. It’s good to know that I can count on him to ensure with them (four children, editor’s note) when I have a shoot until 3am “.

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Miss France: a happy couple for 20 years

And without her husband, the former Miss France realizes the help he provides on a daily basis. ” Bertrand had knee surgery before the summer and it was hard for me to suddenly have 5 children at home. »

This also allows her to have confidence in herself. ” I have certainly made some progress and In particular, I learned to say no but I often question myself professionally because I lack self-confidence. Bertrand is then always good advice; my husband is my best therapist”.

And for the former Miss France, to love is also to encourage the other in his projects. ” That’s loving the other, not restraining him, not jealously smothering him. In a couple, we can see it around us, there is never certainty, we grew up at the same time, our relationship has evolved a lot and has never been quiet.

What Elodie Gossuin explains is that her relationship has not always been easy. ” Roller coasters are great too! It is therefore necessary to accept the lows or the silences of the other to be at the very top afterwards”.

However, there is a lot of love within the couple. The former Miss France is currently on vacation with his little family and has a lot of fun. So you don’t need more to be happy!


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