Miss France: the candidates have a very surprising tradition!

Miss France: the candidates have a very surprising tradition!

Crown passage, change of reign… and change of throne ! As Indira Ampiot sees the end of her mandate as Miss France approaching, she is also preparing to honor a little-known tradition. MCETV explains everything about this funny subject!

A tradition that continues

Because the Misses support each other. Thanks to the help of Cindy Fabre who took over from Sylvie Tellier, the committee supervises and helps the Misses. But the committee is also entitled to funny sequences. One of which will come when Indira Ampiot will return her crown.

Indeed, next December, misses from all regions will try to obtain the title of most beautiful woman in France for the year 2024. But once Miss France 2024 has her crown, a series of traditions will disrupt his daily life.

First, she will have the right to the traditional TV tour the next day. A way to make yourself known, to show who you are. But also to show its ambitions for the coming year… Then come the more intimate traditions. Traditions that only concern the misses.

On RTL, Florian Gazan tells little stories unknown to the general public. So when he enter the “Miss France’s Little Secrets”, the journalist has a very funny anecdote to tell. And, spoiler, it does not concern the misadventures of Diane Leyre.

The Miss remains famous for his falls and his broken tooth during a ceremonial trip. But Diane Leyre had to honor a tradition last year. When passing the torch to Indira Ampiot, she did so like all the Misses before her since Alexandra Rosenfeld.

Miss France bequeaths her throne

Indeed, at the end of 2006, Alexandra Rosenfeld ended her reign when Rachel Legrain-Trapani began hers. Then comes a joke the Miss who will make the one who succeeds her die of laughtere… which will continue the joke in turn.

A joke that fans can’t see, since the tradition takes place in the Miss’s apartment in Paris. When Rachel Legrain-Trapani takes the crown of Miss France 2007, she is also entitled to the apartment… with a souvenir.

“Before returning the keys to the apartment, Alexandra rosenfeld had stuck inside the toilet, on the doora photo of her and a note for her successor,” thus reveals Florian Gazan on RTL.

Miss France has just broken a myth… or not. Because yes, even the misses go to the toilet. And Alexandra Rosenfeld in fact a great moment in the transfer of power. Because above, she writes: “I keep my crown but I leave you my throne”.

Since then, each Miss bequeaths her throne to the one who succeeds her. Dsince then, it has become a tradition to do the same when you end your year with the crown, the scarf and the famous dresses. » Indira Ampiot must therefore already be thinking of her famous word!


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