Miss France: this nickname that Geneviève de Fontenay did not like!

Miss France: this nickname that Geneviève de Fontenay did not like!

Geneviève de Fontenay was a woman full of mysteries. The one who led Miss France for many years had trouble with a very personal nickname. It was his granddaughter Agathe who confided in an interview.

Geneviève De Fontenay’s granddaughters pay tribute to her

Geneviève de Fontenay’s granddaughters were very close to their grandmother. So, recently, they confided a little more on the last moments their grandmother but also the memories they have of this mysterious woman.

They also explained that they had been with her until the last moment. But no one suspected that this evening would be the last of “the lady with the hat”. Even though she was very weak for some time now.

Covid-19 didn’t help. It was also the time to respect his last wishes. Indeed, she did not want a national funeral or even the presence of a Miss France at her funeral. Only Elodie Gossuin still had contact with.

But Geneviève De Fontenay was quite a character. Agathe her granddaughter confided a little more to Télé-Loisirs. The young woman was very close to her grandmother. On August 2 Adèle wrote on Instagram. ” I can’t believe my grandma is gone.

At Télé-Loisirs, Agathe confides a little more about her relationship with the one who led Miss France. ” We were very close. We met around lunches or dinners at home. She was funny, energetic, but if she had to say something disagreeable to us, it was direct, she didn’t take any gloves. »

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Miss France: the nickname that the lady in the hat hated

Which is not surprising given his very strong personality. The director of Miss France also maintained her image. ” At the beginning, she didn’t like being called grandma. When Adèle was little she had spontaneously called her “grandma” and she had gotten angry. For her, it was out of the question to be called that. »

But in the end, his opinion on the matter changed over time. ” We cut the pear in half and left him no choice. It was granny and she ended up liking it. »

Because on Instagram, we could see that Geneviève De Fontenay loved her granddaughters very much. Most of his publications concerned them. Some publications on his former life at Miss France, but especially of the family.

In any case, the lady with the hat was buried in the greatest discretion. Accompanied for this last trip of his family, his loved ones. No Miss France was present for this last goodbye. Even if some pay tribute to him on the networks.

This is the case by example of Delphine Wespiser who wrote a very beautiful message in his honor. But we know that Geneviève De Fontenay left being angry with some, such as Sylvie Tellier. So she definitely didn’t want a “hypocritical ball” for her funeral.


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