Morgonkollen: Five news items to keep an eye on today

Crying young people stand by burning candles in the Viertolan koulu.

Good morning! Here’s the evening and morning news in brief, with today’s weather.

The school shooting in Vantaa is extraordinary

On Tuesday morning, a 12-year-old boy shot and killed three classmates in Viertolan koulu in Vantaa.

– It is a very unusual case and especially that he used a firearm. It is very unusual for a person of this age to use a firearm, says Matti Näsi from the Institute for Criminology and Legal Policy.

These factors make the school shooting in Vantaa exceptional.

Navy minesweepers take part in NATO missions

The minesweeper Vahterpää took off from the Coastal Fleet base in Pansio in Turku on Tuesday for a NATO mission.

The ship’s participation in a NATO mission is historic for the Navy as it is the first command of NATO’s permanent mine clearance force.

– This marks the beginning of a new era. “This is the first time we take part, but probably not the last,” says Patrik Lillqvist, the commander of the coastal fleet.

The government’s new EU line: Finland votes against environmental laws

Finland’s EU policy is more critical of EU legislation than before, says Heikki Autoto (Saml).

Thomas Karv, lecturer in political science at Mittuniversitetet, says that the current government is significantly further to the right than the previous one. As far as EU policy is concerned, this can be seen, among other things, in environmental policy as well as agricultural and forestry policy.

– On such issues, the government has taken a more protectionist course, says Karv.

44 percent support the government’s adaptation measures

44 percent of Finns can imagine tax increases and cuts in services and subsidies, even if they would affect their own living standards.

A survey by the newspaper Uutissuomalainen shows that just as many reject the measures.

Since the last survey a year ago, there are now more people willing to support the government’s measures.

Vegetables are not as expensive as we think

According to nutritionist Linda Hongisto, it’s a myth that eating vegetables is expensive.

Hongisto says the most important thing is to figure out which vegetables are cheap.

– If you want to eat vegetables as cheaply as possible, it’s good to always have legumes such as peas, beans and lentils at home, as well as carrots, cabbage, onions and tomato sauce, she says.

The weather today

An area of ​​snowfall over the southern and eastern parts of the country moves further east as the day progresses and the weather clears from the west. The north wind is increasing and the weather is getting colder.

There is mostly a break in the northern part of the country, but there are some snow showers in northern Lapland.

The daytime temperature is between 0 and -5 degrees in the south and center of the country, and between -3 and -8 degrees in the north.

Road conditions are poor in many places, especially in southern Finland, so it is worth being careful when driving.


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