Netflix games soon on the TV? New controller app suggests so

 Netflix games soon on the TV?  New controller app suggests so

Netflix’s attack on the games industry continues. At the moment, the approximately 70 video games published on the streaming service can only be used on mobile devices, but that could change soon. An application called Netflix Game Controller has appeared in Apple’s App Store. This is free of charge, but cannot be used in its current state. A picture shows what the digital controller will look like on an iPhone or iPad: an analog stick, a Netflix button, a menu button and four colorful face buttons labeled A, B, X and Y. The app is not yet available for Android available.

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That means the digital Netflix controller for the future

The controller is not necessary for the mobile games published by Netflix. Instead, games on the TV (or a monitor) should be able to be controlled with the app. However, since the feature does not yet exist, it currently has no function. However, the controller shows that it will probably not be long before subscribers can also use Netflix games on their TV. The company has not yet commented on this function, but video games will probably form another category on the platform alongside series and films.

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Presumably, the games are used via cloud gaming on the TV. At first, the games initiative seemed like a nice touch, but Netflix seems to be taking the venture seriously. Oxenfree 2, a very popular title, was only recently released under the in-house label. Dozens of games are said to be in the works for Netflix, including their own Assassin’s Creed. However, it will be interesting to see how this can be controlled with just four buttons. Even a AAA game for PC is reportedly in the works at Netflix. It remains exciting to see whether the company will fare differently than Google and Amazon.

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