NHL 24: Release October 6 – Crossplay, "Exhaust engine" and more

NHL 24: Release October 6 - Crossplay, "Exhaust engine" and more

In addition to the innovations, the reveal of NHL 24 on Wednesday also brought with it the release date: the new ice hockey simulation from EA SPORTS will be released worldwide on October 6th. Anyone who secures early access via EA Play can even play for 10 hours from October 3rd.

But back to the innovations: First of all, the developer introduces the crossplay function, which will allow NHL 24 to compete against each other across consoles – but only in the same generation. As a result, PlayStation 5 owners will be able to compete with players on the Xbox X|S. This applies to both Hockey Ultimate Team (HUT) and World of CHEL.

In terms of gameplay, the “Exhaust Engine” stands out. It should “let you feel the intensity of having an opponent in your own end zone”. Strategic decisions would then be necessary: ​​”Puck Possession” or “Attack on the Rush”? The “Exhaust Engine” towers over two sub-functions: the “Sustained Pressure System” and the “Goalie Fatigue System”.

Secure value boosts via offensive actions

According to EA SPORTS, the “Sustained Pressure System” rewards “extended offensive actions”. The publisher understands this to mean shots, passes or checks in the attack zone. Stacking these situations can earn boosts to your team’s stats. In turn, defenders like cover star Cale Makar can see their stats drop.

The “Goalie Fatigue System” in turn affects the goalkeepers according to the name. First of all, more than 50 new animations for goalie movements will be integrated into NHL 24. These can be activated, for example, if a goalkeeper receives several shots in succession on his goal. This increases the likelihood that he will make mistakes because he will simply become exhausted.

Checks: The discrepancy between risk and reward is growing

The fresh feature “Physic Based Contact” is intended to provide “more physique, more fun and more authenticity”. According to EA SPORTS, successful checks will trigger new reactions and animations in NHL 24. However, if an attempt fails, the affected player is “out of position”. The discrepancy between risk and reward for executing checks should be increased.

Speaking of physical contact: In the upcoming title, fans can also use this to send their opponents into the bank. It will even be possible to break the Plexiglas barrier. Finally, the developer presented the “Vision Passing System” and “One-Touch-Passing”. Both also aim for faster combination play: pressing the pass button while the last pass is still on the way prompts immediate continuation of play.


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