Now we know what Smile 2 is about

A sequel has been confirmed for the horror film “Smile”.

2022’s Smile was the biggest horror hit of the year. The film revolves around a therapist who is cursed by a scary smiling demon after witnessing a suicide. The film attracted horror fans with its unique plot and numerous scary effects.

After the success of the first film, it was clear that there would be a sequel, and now we’ve learned a little more. A new trailer for Smile 2 was reportedly shown during CinemaCon, giving us plot details.

The trailer showed the film’s new protagonist, namely a pop star who becomes cursed after witnessing another suicide. Then she is harassed by her fans, who look at her with that strange, violently crooked smile that made the first film so unpleasant.

“Smile 2” hits theaters on October 18th.

Smile 2
It’s almost time again for the World Cup of Awkward Smiling.

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