Overwatch 2: Collaboration with John Cena on August 10th

Overwatch 2: Collaboration with John Cena on August 10th

Overwatch 2 and John Cena are collaborating to market the heroic FPS’ most expansive season yet.

Over the past two weeks, various Overwatch 2 Twitch streamers have been hacked by a mysterious hoodie-wearing individual known as “Enigma,” as we previously reported.

“Enigma,” addressing viewers from a fortified bunker, warns in a hushed voice of the impending threat of the Null Sector invasion, beginning August 10 in Overwatch 2.

Now, the identity of “Enigma” has finally been revealed on popular streamers’ channels like Shroud, Kyedae and Scump: international superstar John Cena, who addressed the streamers via a cinematic sequence, demanded that they provide information about the approaching threat as well as a new trailer for Overwatch 2: Invasion to as many viewers as possible.

The video can be seen here:

“It was fun to see the Overwatch community speculating about the identity behind ‘Enigma,'” said John Cena. “Sometimes a face you can’t see is the best way to ring alarm bells about an imminent threat.”

The Calling cinematic will lead directly to the Overwatch 2: Invasion story missions on August 10th. She recounts how former Overwatch agent Vivian “Sojourn” Chase has been doing in Toronto since Winston called out the scattered Overwatch team and attacked Null Sector Paris.

You can find the right videos here:

Overwatch 2: Invasion will feature three new story missions in which players must repel attacks from Null Sector in Rio, Toronto and Gothenburg. The upcoming season also features a new PvP game mode, a new support heroine, and much more!

In the period leading up to the release of Overwatch 2: Invasion on August 10 at 9 p.m., players and viewers can expect more updates from John Cena as “Enigma,” including information on how to actively participate in the event.

Full details can be found on the official campaign page at fighttheinvasion.com.


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