Perfect double VBL: Jonas Wirth is German champion

Perfect double VBL: Jonas Wirth is German champion

Changing of the guard at the top of German eFootball? After Paderborn’s final triumph over RB Leipzig in the virtual Bundesliga club championship (VBLCC), the individual championship also found a winner from the SCP. Jonas Wirth clearly won the final after two games with a total of 8:1 against RBLZ professional Levy Finn Rieck. The decisive factor was at the beginning a spectacular mob festival.

Paderborn’s ‘Jonny’ soon set the tone in the first leg after an even start. He scored two goals with a nice through pass (24′) and a wonderful direct pass (29′). Rieck initially found no response to the two goals conceded, so the Leipzig player went into half-time with the score 0-2. In the second half, Wirth stood firm in defense, before striking again. ‘Levyfinn’ couldn’t even get close to a high pass, ‘Jonny’ made it 3-0 (60′). It already smelled like a championship celebration.

But Rieck had not given up yet: a clean attack from the right made it 1:3 (71′). But Leipzig’s hope did not last long. Just two minutes later, Wirth restored the old gap (73′). The RBLZ professional defended himself from defeat, but in the end he was unlucky (79th). ‘Jonny’ was completely different: the Paderborn player completed a brilliant pass to make it 5-1 (83′). In added time he even scored half a dozen goals (90 + 2).

That was the best performance I have ever shown.

Jonas Wirth after his last victory against Levy Finn Rieck

‘Levyfinn’ needed a miracle in the second leg, but it quickly became even more unlikely. Wirth again demonstrated his finishing ability after almost 20 minutes of play and scored in the far corner to make it 1-0. After that, the air ran out in the second game. Rieck sank deep into his chair at half-time and a sensational comeback seemed almost impossible. The second round progressed with difficulty. The Leipzig player tried to limit the damage, but only ‘Jonny’ was right.

After a good combination on the left side of the penalty area, Wirth put the ball into the near corner to make it 2-0 (65′). Afterwards nothing worth mentioning happened, ‘Jonny’ won with an aggregate score of 8:1. It is the first VBL individual championship title for the Paderborn native, which means he wins 40,000 euros in prize money and, like his final rival ‘levyfinn’, is qualified for the FC Pro World Championship in the summer.

“I played my best FC possible today,” Wirth told Kicker eSport after being handed the bowl. “Beating Levy Finn by that margin is incredible. It was the best performance I’ve ever shown.” Rieck had not only eliminated ‘Jonny’ en route to the championship, but had also beaten his RB teammate Umut Gültekin.

Semifinal: Gültekin does not receive penalties

In the first semi-final, Gültekin had a perfect start in the first leg against ‘Jonny’: after almost 15 minutes of the match he took the lead with a header. Wirth had a hard time in the first half, the Leipzig player was confident with the ball and was more dangerous. After the break, the Paderborn player turned the situation around: the tie came after a corner kick (57th) and shortly before the end they denied ‘RBLZ_Umut’ a penalty. Almost in direct response, Wirth turned the game around with a beautiful goal from the edge of the area (83′): 2-1 and ‘Jonny’ had the advantage.

That’s why Gültekin was under pressure in the second leg, since only reaching the final meant a ticket to the individual World Cup at FC 24. This time, however, Wirth presented twice. Shortly before the break, ‘Jonny’ made it 2-0 (34th, 40th). A comfortable advantage, but also the most dangerous outcome? ‘RBLZ_Umut’ showed that this is not just a phrase when he played hard after the restart and made the connection (53′). Tension again?

The drama reached its climax in the final tournament: Gültekin fortunately was one goal behind in the overall standings (75th). But the joy of the Saxons did not last long, a few moments later ‘Jonny’ made the supposed decision with a wonderful goal from 20 meters (80th). However, the RBLZ eSports player did not give up and still made a dangerous advance. His player was rudely separated from the ball in the area. An intense duel, after which the virtual referee’s whistle fell silent again.

A wild exchange of blows ends in a penalty shootout

Although Gültekin was eliminated, the RBLZ still had an ace up its sleeve: Rieck. In the duel with Marc Landwehr from Leverkusen, who had a night shift before the last day, he was nominally the favorite, but he got off to a bad start: after less than three minutes of the match, the ball was already in Leipzig’s goal. A wild exchange of blows ensued with a total of seven blows.

At the beginning of the second half, Landwehr had led 3-1, Rieck quickly equalized (62nd, 67th). But ‘Marc_ldw23′ had the best result: he first went ahead again with 4: 3 (71′), a few seconds before the final whistle he avoided the 4: 4 (90’ + 1) by moving hard on the goalkeeper. .

Both rivals faced the second leg with a little more calm and caution. With the first real opportunity, ‘levyfinn’ scored shortly before half-time and tied the semi-final (37′). Regular playing time also ended with Rieck’s 1-0 victory, as both teams were no longer looking for big risks. This continued into extra time, no more goals were scored in the match.

Therefore, the decision was made in the most dramatic way possible: on penalties. At first Landwehr missed because of Rieck’s goalkeeper, but then the Bayer goalkeeper stopped ‘levyfinn’. However, the Leverkusen player could not make his third attempt either, so his rival from Leipzig achieved second place in the final of the final round with three shots in a row.


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