PlayStation 5: Disappointment with PSVR2 mounting

PlayStation 5: Disappointment with PSVR2 mounting

Disappointment with the PlayStation VR2 is growing in the camp of PlayStation 5 users and gaming journalists alike.

Sony joined in with a lot of fanfare at the beginning of the year Playstation VR2 launched for the PlayStation 5. What was initially hailed as a big step for the VR landscape is slowly turning out to be a disappointment for fans.

This is how Ryan McCaffrey, Executive Editor at IGN, has expressed his displeasure with X. He lets it be known that he regrets having spent almost 600 dollars (about 550 euros) for the device. The euphoria was initially very great due to the strong technology of the device and Sony’s promise of support, but in the meantime disillusionment has set in because there are simply no games for the device. But if you look at the release lists, the future does not look so rosy for the Japanese device either, so that he even advises against buying the VR glasses.

Many gamers and other journalists like Gene Park, gaming journalist at The Wall Street Journal, support his post.

The sales figures for the PlayStation VR2 clearly show that the players are not very interested, even if Sony doesn’t want to know anything about a flop.


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