Playstation 5 Slim: Really “thin” is somehow different – first picture (rumour)

Playstation 5 Slim: Really "thin" is somehow different - first picture (rumour)

In the past few weeks and months, a possible Playstation 5 Pro and Playstation 5 Slim has been haunted by the rumor mill and editors, but really reliable information is still in short supply. Now a photo of the upcoming “PS5 Slim” is said to have appeared for the first time, which is supposed to show a not-so-“thin” new revision (“CFI-2016”) of the game console.

Thin doesn’t necessarily mean thin

After journalist Andrew Marmo (@the_marmolade), who previously worked for Video Games Chronicle (“VGC”) and Wire Productions, shared a first picture on Twitter that is supposed to show the new revision CFI-2016 of the Playstation 5 (aka “PS5 Slim”), also reported the Playstation developer and reverse engineer @BwE_Dev to speak and confirmed that has a video of this model.

Caution is still warranted

The original information and also the picture come from the forum of and cannot be validated at the moment. Sony itself has not said a word about a new revision, let alone PS5 Slim or PS5 Pro. The rumors should therefore be treated with caution.

Source: Andrew Marmo via Twitter,


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