Rainbow Six Siege: Operation Heavy Mettle Reveal

Rainbow Six Siege: Operation Heavy Mettle Reveal

Ubisoft has released four new videos for Rainbow Six Siege and its Operation Heavy Mettle Reveal.

There are four new videos for the Rainbow Six Siege Operation Heavy Mettle Reveal. Operation Heavy Mettle is almost upon us, bringing the new Korean operator Ram, a unique attacker, with a new gadget, the BU-GI Auto-Breacher!

This season will see the release of a new player rewards system, new updates to playlists including Quick Match 2.0 and an overhaul of the Unranked playlist, as well as balancing changes and quality of life features like removing the HUD in match replay and more.

Operation Heavy Mettle starts on August 29th. Starting today, August 14th, we also have test servers available for you to play early on.


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