Removed AI mod for GTA 5 from Take-Two: modder does not understand “hostile attitude” towards him

Removed AI mod for GTA 5 from Take-Two: modder does not understand

It didn’t last long, the new AI mod for GTA 5, because Take-Two Interactive struck again and again to stamp out another project by a GTA fan. PCGH reported last week about the creator’s interesting mod “Bloc”, which introduced a whole new storyline in GTA 5 and allowed players to communicate with specially created NPCs via the microphone using an AI implementation. In the meantime, the “Sentient Streets Mod” on Nexusmods has been removed, along with an introduction video on Youtube, on behalf of Take-Two Interactive.

Modder is disappointed in the statement

Bloc recently wrote a statement on the incidents and posted it on his YouTube channel. In it, he explains that no one from Take-Two contacted or asked him prior to the removal, and the publisher scrapped the project without warning. “I have to say, as someone who grew up with the Grand Theft Auto series and has enjoyed all of the games over the years, this hostile attitude towards me and the mod is very disheartening,” the modder continued.

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Bloc explains that he would like to go the communications route with Take-Two, but the company has taken a “non-communications approach.” If the use of GTA 5 in the video alone was the reason for Take-Two’s request for deletion, the modder wonders why there are so many other videos on YouTube that deal with GTA 5 material. The publisher must therefore explicitly target the mod.

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Ultimately, Bloc does not want to take legal action against the removals because he lacks the means and simply does not want to spend his time on it. The modder concludes his statement with a statement from developer Rockstar Games, which he made in November 2022 in an answer to the question of whether RP servers are allowed in GTA 5: “Rockstar Games has always believed in the justifiable creativity of fans believed and want creators to be able to show their passion for our games.” Take-Two seems less able to agree, but the AI ​​mod could also have fallen outside the scope of “reasonable creativity”.

Source: Bloc on Youtube


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