Report: Halo Infinite sabotaged by “Crap Leadership.”

Halo Infinite

When the Slipspace Engine was first shown around the announcement of Halo Infinite, there was a lot of excitement.

A new, seemingly completely open Halo with a game engine built from the ground up and tailored just for it. Perhaps 343 would succeed after stumbling and fumbling in both the fourth and fifth games of the series.

Halo Infinite promised in advance to be the next big step for the series, a mix of new and old, with a result that ultimately received mixed reactions, to say the least.

And according to new information leaked from sources either close to the development team or part of it, it is now claimed that much of the game’s campaign was botched due to poor leadership.

The recent campaign did not receive due attention from the former leadership of 343 Industries and the development team was pigeonholed without collaboration from the studio.

This was a big problem and the studio tried to solve it by increasing the workforce. This approach would have worked in certain cases. However, Halo Infinite required more thorough planning.

From the information collected and published by Rebs Gaming it also appears that Halo Infinite was not tested externally and large parts of the team were treated very poorly.

Internal testing was still being conducted, but 343 Industries relied on “game days” to provide feedback. Internal testing and support meetings were later canceled.

And that’s just the tip of the iceberg. If you want to hear everything the rebels have to say, I recommend watching the video below.

What do you think of Halo Infinite and its campaign?


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