Returnal’s third anniversary will be celebrated with a comic, an animated series and an art book

Returnal's third anniversary will be celebrated with a comic, an animated series and an art book

Recently on X, Housemarque posted a black and white image of Selene from Returnal, complete with a cryptic “Morning.” Where many had been hoping for news of a sequel or at least additional DLC since the acclaimed co-op expansion and Tower of Sisyphus dropped like a bomb two years ago. Instead, somewhat unexpectedly, it turned out to be a three-part surprise in the form of a graphic novel, an animated series and an art book.

Graphic novel Fallen Asteria. is an 88-page series novel in collaboration with the publisher Dark Horse, which previously published Hellboy, among others. It will be released on October 23rd and is described by the publisher as follows:

After Helios crashes into a hostile alien world, Selene Vassos, a lone ASTRA scout, must fight for her life against the terrible enemies that live behind every shadow and a trail of distorted memories.
Can she last long enough to track down the White Shadow signal? The world of Atropos is mysterious and Selene begins to wonder: Will she find answers at the end of her journey, or is this nightmare inevitable?
Created by the Housemarque Brand team with Gregory Louden, Eevi Korhonen and Khalil Osaimi from Returnal’s Narrative team and the stunning art of Igor Lomov and Aaron Järvinen. This Housemarque adaptation brings their BAFTA award-winning sci-fi action thriller into the world of graphic novels.

Return the art book There is no further information about it yet, but we can assume that it will probably be released later this year.

Animated adaptation of Fallen Asteria is the animated adaptation of the said graphic novel, narrated by none other than Selene herself, Jane Perry. Check out the first part below.

A worthy three-year celebration, don’t you think?


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