Rocket League: Team Móbula eSports immigrants take over South Africa

Rocket League: Team Móbula eSports immigrants take over South Africa

In the first division of the Rocket League Championship Series (RLCS) 2024, Limitless had to deal with some so-called “remote teams.” Teams that are not from the region but still compete there. They consciously accept competitive disadvantages such as poor latency. Hoping to win more prize money elsewhere than in the home region.

The team led by captain Gareth ‘Snowyy’ Spiers, South Africa’s most successful player, skillfully defended itself against a first wave of such immigrants and represented the region in the first major tournament held in Copenhagen in April.

He only had a few reasons to laugh in Copenhagen: ‘Snowyy’ and his Limitless team.
Michal Konkol / Rocket League Esports

There were no surprises there. The team was quietly eliminated from international competition. Three series, three defeats, not a single round won, but at home you need a lot of experience. The unchanged picture for SSA: a region dominated by Limitless, but not internationally competitive at a world-class level.

Three Spaniards on world tour

Limitless was able to defend itself from the first wave, but a star arrives in South Africa for the second division: Diego ‘VKSailen’ Isla. The Madrid native is a former European champion and was still among the best in the world in 2021.

Together with his team Móbula wants to attack again and, at the same time, take his fans on a journey through video content. In addition to his playing career, ‘VKSailen’ is also a content creator and has almost 360,000 followers across all platforms. This is what sets Team Móbula apart from other remote teams: they were able to travel to South Africa. The team plays from Cape Town and finances everything themselves.

Reactions to this announcement were mixed and varied. Between the horror on one hand and the support on the other, it was all there. On the one hand, according to some voices, they lack competitive integrity and fairness to “cultivate” a weaker region in terms of gaming.

On the other hand, Team Móbula is not the only one in the history of the RLCS that has undertaken such an undertaking. In the eyes of many, they did it “the right way.” They flew to the region itself, interacted with the local community, and also wanted to improve the region through gaming.

Short-term pain, long-term gain?

One of Team Móbula’s worst critics is the old champion. ‘Snowyy’ and ‘VKSailen’ often clash on social media. Both with their own -contrary- points of view and with the corresponding accusations. They also clash on the playing field, where Limitless almost always loses.

The two teams faced each other three times during the split, including twice in a final match. Each of these series went to the Spanish, and Limitless was only able to win four of the 15 individual rounds. At the end of the split, SSA has a new champion, for the first time without a South African player.

However, analysts and players agree: the presence of Team Móbula has boosted the development of the region. The local players improved faster because they had another great team to learn from. A team that plays Rocket League in a stylistically and tactically different way than Limitless and that is also willing to help its competitors.

London calling

What can Team Móbula achieve now in the international major? They are in great demand on the big stage between June 20 and 23. In SSA they haven’t tasted defeat in 24 series, that will definitely change in the offline tournament. But: a good performance by Team Móbula in London would allow conclusions to be drawn about the growing strength of sub-Saharan Africa. A region that is developing even further to become one of the best in the world in the future with local actors.


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