Rugby: Antoine Dupont calms everyone down!

Rugby: Antoine Dupont calms everyone down!

Stade Toulousain held on until half-time and impressed everyone by ultimately winning quite comfortably against Exeter (64-26) in the quarter-finals of the Champions Cup. Enough to give him status as a big favorite in the final stretch, even if Antoine Dupont is wary of the Harlequins.

In the last four games we will finally have a French team Champions Cup. The reigning champion from La Rochelle was published by the Leinster (40-13) and theUBB deceived by the Harlequins (41-42), these are actually the players of the Toulouse Stadium Who will defend the colors of French rugby? But nothing has been won yet…

“We have to stay consistent to avoid the disappointment of last season”

Because, as Antoine Dupont recalled at the end of the meeting, the Toulouse team already saw themselves as winners last season… before failing against the team Leinster in the semifinals. “ We had already set our course by the semi-finals last season and saw what happened. Everyone has seen how we have come very far. We have this perspective to seize the right energy, but we must maintain a high threshold of vigilance. We have to stay consistent to avoid the disappointment of last season » explained the French scrum half.

“We can’t ruin everything”

In the columns of Olympic middaythe captain of the Toulouse Stadium said a little more about this semi-final that awaits him and his teammates against the Harlequins (5th of May). “ We will find the stadium again, that will definitely be a plus. After the group stage we put ourselves in a good position to reach the semi-finals, now we can’t spoil everything » assured Antoine Dupont. “ We have to be careful because everyone will praise us. You have to appreciate this moment because a result like this in the quarter-finals at home doesn’t happen every day. But at the same time we have to maintain this desire to become even better “.


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