Russia continues to sulk: Even China is talking about Kiev’s proposals

Saudi Arabian Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman (left) meets Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy (right) in Jeddah

After the recent summit in Saudi Arabia, which brought together representatives from 40 nations to discuss Kiev’s proposals to end the Ukraine conflict, Russia appears more isolated than ever globally. Business Insider reported that even China, a traditional ally of Russia, sent a representative, while Russia itself was not invited. Four Kremlin insiders, including current and former officials, voiced their concerns about Russia’s growing isolation to the Moscow Times. Some noted that Ukraine managed to rally traditional Russian allies.

The focus of the Ukraine conflict has shifted sharply to diplomatic support in recent months. Ukraine aims to drive Russia out of its territory entirely, while Russia wants to keep areas in eastern and southern Ukraine that it claims. Business Insider notes that countries in the BRICS group – with the exception of Russia – sent representatives to the Jeddah summit. In addition, Ukraine has recently drawn attention to the negative impact of the Russian war on grain exports, affecting many countries. In response, Russia offered free grain to several African countries.

Kremlin’s obstinacy leads Russia into isolation

According to Business Insider, the Jeddah conference suggests that a growing number of countries are sympathetic to Ukraine’s proposals to end the war, while many are disliking Russia’s obstinacy. Commenting on this development, a University of Birmingham academic, Stefan Wolf, saw a continued shift in favor of Ukraine, albeit slowly.

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