Russian major unpacks: Kiev uses war secrets for a decisive blow

Kidnapped Russian Major Tomov in Ukrainian captivity

A special unit in Ukraine apparently managed to capture an important Russian major and thereby obtained valuable data on Russian fortifications and military operations. The newspaper “Bild” had previously reported on this incident, but this was rejected by the Russian Ministry of Defense.

Evidence on Telegram: Major in dialogue with Ukrainians

A video on Telegram’s Gray Zone channel, run by Ukrainian military enthusiasts, may now corroborate these claims. Russian Major Yuri Anatolyevich, also known as Major Tomov, appears in this video. He is asked to mark Russian military positions on a map. This map shows the Dnipro River region and specifically the area around Kozachi Laheri in Kherson.

Another video shows the Major answering questions from a man standing behind the camera in a distorted voice. Both videos were apparently made after his capture.

According to “Bild”, the major was lured into an ambush by a fake call for help. The major and four of his soldiers were captured, while up to 25 Russian soldiers lost their lives in the action.

The Kidnapped Major – A Turning Point for Ukraine?

According to Ukrainian sources, the major shared important information. These include exact locations of his unit and a significant Russian arms depot near Oleschky. According to this information, a targeted artillery attack on the camp was carried out last Saturday. Further attacks are probably in preparation. Tomov’s capture could be a crucial advantage for Ukrainian troops in Donbass.

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