Russians unstoppable: Ukrainians under pressure at Kupiansk

A building completely destroyed by shelling in the Ukrainian city of Izyum.

The Ukraine sees itself in a precarious position due to the advance of Russian units. In the face of growing threats from Russian troops, citizens of Kupyansk and numerous nearby villages have been advised to run for safety. The city administration of Kupyansk pointed out the increased risk due to increasing bombings via Telegram on Thursday. In parallel, Germany announced the shipment of two additional launch facilities for the Patriot anti-aircraft system.

Women, children, the elderly, the sick and people with restricted mobility should give priority to leaving the affected region. A total of 37 settlements lying between Kupyansk and the Russian positions have been identified as vulnerable. Kharkiv, the regional capital and located about 100 kilometers to the west, was mentioned as a potential safe haven. According to Andriy Besedin, head of the Kupyansk military administration, the evacuation started the day before.

Moscow announced on Thursday that its troops had increased their presence near Kupyansk. The Russian Defense Ministry informed that its combat troops had expanded their positions on the front lines. Sergiy Cherevaty, spokesman for the armed forces in eastern Ukraine, confirmed the tense situation around Kupyansk but stressed that it was “under control”.

Ukrainian army under pressure: Unstoppable Russians

The increased pressure on Ukrainian forces is also underscored by reports from Kiev that Russian units are advancing in various areas of the front, including Kupyansk, Lyman and others. Despite resistance from the Ukrainian armed forces, Deputy Defense Minister Hanna Maliar underlined the tenacity of the Russian armed forces: “It is difficult to stop them”.

It was also reported that Ukrainian forces are advancing towards Melitopol and Berdyansk to the south. The goal is to reach the Sea of ​​Azov and block Russia’s access to Crimea. Despite two months of efforts, the Ukrainian offensive has so far not lived up to expectations.

Ukraine update in the morning – New Russian offensive: “They are simply unstoppable”


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