Sacramento makes 13-year-old youngest professional in US team sports

Sacramento makes 13-year-old youngest professional in US team sports

The USL team announced that Kimbrough has signed his first professional contract with Sacramento Republic FC. As per the club’s own rules, no further details have been released about the contract.

Kimbrough has been with the California team for two years and has attracted attention in the club’s youth academy. According to the club, he scored 61 goals in 81 games in his two seasons for the U13s and U14s. Because of his outstanding skills, Kimbrough was accepted into the “MLS NEXT” program and regularly competed against older players in this context.

“He’s a remarkable talent”

“He is a remarkable talent who is committed to his dream of becoming a top player,” Sacramento general manager Todd Duvinant is quoted as saying on the club’s website. “Over the past two years he has shown tremendous potential and our goal is to continue to support him and help him grow as a player and as a person,” said head coach Mark Briggs.

Born on February 18, 2010, Kimbrough was 13 years and 180 days young when he signed the contract. In doing so, he became the youngest player in the entire US team sport to ever sign a professional contract. He replaced Francis Jacobs, who signed a professional contract with USL club Orange County FC in 2019 at the age of 14 years, four months and 28 days.

Kimbrough will probably also be the youngest professional ever used

Whether Kimbrough will also become the youngest professional player used, we will decide in the next three months. The youngest player ever to play for a US professional team is Axel Kei, who also made his USL debut for the Real Monarchs at the age of 13 years and 282 days. Kimbrough still has 102 days to snag the record here as well.

And the chances are good. Sacramento has announced that Kimbrough will be eligible to play against Birmingham Legion FC on Sunday (4.30pm local time) in the league.


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