SEGA: Fast Friends Forever campaign announced

SEGA: Fast Friends Forever campaign announced

SEGA announces the very first Fast. friend Forever. campaign for all Sonic fans.

With the power of teamwork you can do anything! From now on, the new Fast. friend Forever. campaign to celebrate SEGA’s wonderful Sonic the Hedgehog fans and community.

Over the years, Sonic has not only gone full throttle, but also built a strong foundation of important values ​​including friendship, teamwork, inspiration and loyalty.

the almost friend Forever. campaign was created to highlight how Sonic and his friends embody these values ​​both in and out of game.

To the almost. friend To kick-start the Forever. campaign, there’s an exciting launch trailer with original music to celebrate the theme of friendship and the fans.

The trailer can be viewed here:

The campaign will feature a variety of events and community activities throughout the summer, including:

• A four-panel digital comic series about Sonic created by talented community artists from around the world. The first part will appear on August 8th. After that, fans can look forward to 14 more comics in the coming months.

• The Sonic Symphony World Tour, which will bring Sonic and friends to the stage along with favorite tracks from the games, including Sonic Superstars, coming this fall. Performances are planned in Los Angeles, London and many other places.

Here you will find all the details about the dates and locations of the performances.

• The second season of TailsTube, in which Sonic’s friend Tails has a whole new story ready.

• A dedicated website for the campaign, where all events will be presented. There are also profiles of various characters, spotlights, digital comics and other content to discover. Here are all the details.

More activities will be announced soon, including on the Sonic The Hedgehog website and Sonic social media channels.


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