Sengoku Dynasty: Many players for medieval Japan survival game

Sengoku Dynasty: Many players for medieval Japan survival game

The time has come: since August 10, 2023, fans of Medieval Dynasty can finally establish their legacy in feudal Japan: Sengoku Dynasty has officially started Early Access on Steam. After Wild West Dynasty culminated in disappointment for many Dynasty fans, hopes are now pinned on the title that shifts gameplay from the west to the east of the world – and it seems the first launch has been satisfactory.

According to fans, more Medival than Wild West again

Sengoku Dynasty peaked at almost 8,000 simultaneous players at the time of release – a number that subsequently dropped to 5,220 users, but is already rising again today. This means that the Japan survival game is far from the top 10 of the Steam charts, but it is on a similar level to Medieval Dynasty and well above the starting value of Wild West Dynasty, which at its peak had just under 2,600 players could unite at the same time.

The ratings are also showing a much better picture than Wild West Dynasty, even if the reviews definitely leave room for improvement. Since release, over 300 players have given a rating, of which 62 percent are positive. Accordingly, the rating average is set to “Balanced”.

The positive reviews emphasize that the style of Sengoku Dynasty is much more oriented towards Medieval Dynasty and that the features offered so far in the Early Access version are quite convincing. Some players rate the existing performance problems and the small scope of the game negatively – both of which are quite typical for an EA title.

Source: Steam


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