Setback for Inter and Milan: Giuseppe Meazza Stadium should probably not be demolished

Setback for Inter and Milan: Giuseppe Meazza Stadium should probably not be demolished

Because, as Italian media reports unanimously, the regional commission for the regional heritage of Lombardy has decided that the stadium is an “architectural heritage” and must therefore not give way to a modern arena. The building supervisory authority in Milan had previously declared the second spectator ring in the stadium to be listed as a monument and imposed the appropriate conditions. The monument protection authority has now confirmed this assessment. A demolition is no longer possible under these aspects.

But that was exactly the plan of the two city rivals Inter and AC Milan. Both use the stadium in the San Siro district as their home ground, both preferring to demolish the old arena and build a completely new one on the same spot. According to the ideas of Inter and Milan, the new arena should have 60,000 seats and a completely closable roof in order to be able to hold other events in addition to football.

The Giuseppe Meazza Stadium was inaugurated in 1926 and has been renovated several times since then. Initially named simply after the San Siro district, since 1980 it has been called the Giuseppe Meazza Stadium in reference to the legendary Italian striker who played for both clubs. With a capacity of around 78,000 spectators, it is the largest stadium in Italy.

How things will continue after the judgment of the monument protection authority is still open. However, both Milan and Inter have already been looking for alternative locations during the Regional Commission’s review in recent months. According to the “Gazzetta dello Sport”, both clubs now want to present plans for their own stadiums. Inter want to set up their new home in Rozzano, south of Milan. Milan has chosen a site in the San Donato district in the south-west, not far from Linate Airport.

The city of Milan is threatened with financial losses

In theory, it would also have been possible to renovate the Giuseppe Meazza Stadium. However, Milan and Inter had explained that under the legal conditions it is not possible to adapt it to the desired requirements for a modern arena. Now the city of Milan, as the owner, is threatened with financial losses. If Inter and Milan were to turn their wish into reality, the city would have to pay for the necessary maintenance costs for the Giuseppe Meazza Stadium, which is worthy of a preservation order, without generating any rental income.


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