SKATE 4: Focus on skating and onboard mechanics

SKATE 4: Focus on skating and onboard mechanics

The developers report on the skating and onboard mechanics in SKATE 4 in the new SKATE 4 video.

The developers at Full Circle return with the fourth episode of The Board Room, a community video series providing first-hand updates and insights into the ongoing development of SKATE 4.

In the new episode, the developers from the Capture Lab team in Vancouver reach out to talk about the skating and onboard mechanics.

The highlights of the episode also include new tricks, five of which were revealed:

  • Wallies
  • slappies
  • boned ollies
  • Variable speed flip tricks
  • Hero flip tricks

As the developer reports, they are still incorporating new skate mechanics, thereby representing the freedom of expression and options of modern skateboarding. In addition, players should also have a growing range of options to enjoy creative freedom in San Vansterdam.

More about the development status of SKATE 4 in the video and in the blog.


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