Snow Day: The New South Park Game will not be an RPG

Snow Day: The New South Park Game will not be an RPG

THQ Nordic was pretty busy during the digital showcase 2023: In addition to new information about the RTS hope Tempest Rising, there was also a sign of life for Titan Quest 2. Elsewhere, a well-known animated series is getting its third video game offshoot: After the Stick of Truth as well The fractured ordeal, South Park orients itself away from the well-known turn-based RPG realms and enters a new genre with Snow Day, as the revealed trailer shows.

The change to the third dimension takes a bit of getting used to, because according to the trailer, South Park: Snow Day is a co-op action game in which up to four participants simultaneously beat and shred their way through hordes of schoolmates and use various gimmicks.

The goal? To preserve the snow-free school day and “save the world”, as the description of the YouTube video says. After all, the snow-free day is the “most magical day in the life of a young child,” as Eric Cartman, who is still very benevolently known as the enfant terrible, explains. Magic seems to be another keyword here, because in the trailer Cartman conjures up arcane projectiles that rain down on the world as well as meteorites and other fireballs. Aliens and demons also make brief appearances in the Snow Day clip.

As is typical for South Park, the setting is an atypical interpretation of the snow-free school day – at least the author of these lines can only remember regular snowball fights in the yard, which had very little to do with saving the world. It is still unclear when South Park: Snow Day will refresh the memory of these times – THQ Nordic only speaks of 2024 as the release period.


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