Spurs coach Postecoglou: "We knew it would come to this"

Spurs coach Postecoglou: "We knew it would come to this"

Similar to Bayern coach Thomas Tuchel, Spurs coach Ange Postecoglou could not report anything definitive about the current status of Harry Kane’s move to the German record champions: “As I hear, the deal is imminent,” said the Australian at the press conference for the prime minister -League opener for the Londoners on Sunday (3 p.m.) at FC Brentford. “Hopefully we’ll get confirmation in the next few hours,” said the 57-year-old.

That is to be assumed, and Postecoglou also assumed that. “We knew it was going to happen. It doesn’t dramatically change what we’re trying to build,” said Postecoglou. And has been for a long time. Apparently, Kane’s decision to leave Spurs had already been made when Postecoglou took up his duties in June. “He was open and honest, and so was I,” Postegoclou said of the first conversation with Kane. “However, I thought that after the first conversation he had already decided to leave. I saw no point in persuading him to stay because anything I would say would have been irrelevant,” Postecoglou continued.

I saw no point in persuading him to stay because anything I said would have been irrelevant.

Ange Postecoglou

The departure of their captain therefore hits the Londoners anything but unprepared: “It didn’t take much imagination to realize that this (the departure of Kanes, d. Red) would happen,” said the Spurs coach, who is also in the negotiations was involved. “Many of our previous deals have been done in that spirit.” Therefore, no meeting was necessary on Friday morning to take account of the development that has now occurred. Rather, the club “now has some clarity”, the preparation for the Brentford game and beyond that he is now planning “without Harry”.

Despite the displayed composure, Postecoglou praised Kane in the highest tones. He was “one of the greats in this club”, and his departure a year before the end of his contract did not change that. “His performances speak for themselves. His place with the fans speaks for itself,” said Postecoglou.

Kane is said to be on the plane on his way to Munich, after the obligatory medical check, a four-year contract ready to be signed is ready for him. Kane would be by far the most expensive new signing in the history of the Bundesliga and the history of FC Bayern, costing over 100 million euros in total.


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