Starfield: Backstory timeline spans 300 years

Starfield: Backstory timeline spans 300 years

Role-playing games usually impress with their rich settings and captivating background stories. Developer Bethesda is also known to be no slouch – be it the fantasy setting of The Elder Scrolls or the post-nuclear wasteland of the Fallout series. It won’t be much different with Bethesda’s upcoming Starfield, as evidenced by the reveal of a timeline of the sci-fi RPG’s backstory.

Timeline summarizes important key events of humanity

Bethesda has updated Starfield’s official website and provided it with a full timeline showing the spans 300 years and important key moments of humanity and its journey into space. These events lead to the actual plot of Starfield, which is a science fiction RPG set in the far future of the year 2330 and will certainly tell a very big and epochal story itself.

Starfield: You didn’t know these things

According to the website, the Starfield timeline begins in 2050, when mankind first landed on Mars in the Starfield universe. The permanent colonization of space begins in the year 2100. According to the timeline, in the year 2156 mankind reached the star closest to the sun, Alpha Centauri, which is 4.37 light years from Earth. The United Colonies were founded shortly thereafter in 2159. Other important events include the founding of New Atlantis (a central city hub in the game, known from trailers and screenshots), the founding of the Freestars collective, and the conflicts between the two major factions.

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