Starfield: Developers reveal more game details

Starfield: Developers reveal more game details

Bethesda hosted a Q&A session with Starfield developers on its official Discord channel on August 16th. As part of this event, so many more details about the upcoming sci-fi RPG have come to light. Including the news that Starfield will have a housing feature at release.

Bethesda reveals details about the housing feature

The Bethesda developers revealed in the Q&A that players in Starfield buy houses in all big cities can should. Some of these dwellings can even be obtained as a quest. That shouldn’t really surprise any Bethesda fan – role-playing games like Skyrim and Fallout 4 had already expanded this aspect to a greater or lesser extent. The developers have not disclosed anything about a possible base construction. However, it does not seem unrealistic that some dwellings might have their own personal spaceship landing pad.

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In Starfield it should also over 20 NPC companions give who can join the player. Fans should also know this from the other Bethesda titles. In earlier games, these non-player characters could also stay in the player’s housing, or they could conveniently be parked there. There are four Constellation companions, while the others are connected to the main quests. They all have their own background. In addition to the NPC companions, players can also hire simple crew members, which players then assign to ships or outposts.

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