Starfield: Fans should brace themselves for spoilers

Starfield: pre-load launched on Xbox Series X|S

Nobody sees you spoilers in space, but they do on the internet, because the first spoilers for Starfield are in orbit.

The review codes for Starfield and the pre-load are not available for 24 hours, and there are already the first spoilers for the role-playing game from Bethesda Game Studios.

So there are already leaks to the story. Details about skills that we don’t want to go into detail about have already landed on the web.
Some will see the number of tracks in the soundtrack as a spoiler, with more to come in the coming days. Nothing can be changed about that.

You should also be careful on supposedly official social media channels, because in times when you can simply buy blue ticks from X, nothing is what it seems.

Interestingly, even Everspace’s X account issues a spoiler warning about Starfield. Apparently someone mentions Everspace across multiple accounts just to spread spoilers for Starfield. One recommends a specific phrase to mute on X, but that alone may already stimulate spoiler fantasies.

Wherever people are happy about something, there are also those who don’t want it and want to spoil the anticipation.

We can only advise you to be careful, whether on Reddit, Facebook, Instagram, TikTok or MySpace.

On August 31, the review embargo on Starfield falls. On September 1st, the first pre-orders can use early access before the official release on September 6th.


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