Starfield: Installation size on a PC up to 140 (!) GB – on an SSD

Starfield: Installation size on a PC up to 140 (!) GB - on an SSD

The puzzle pieces for Bethesda RPG heavyweight Starfield just keep coming together. Due to the pushed preload, there are first evaluations of the game’s file size – with surprises.

Surprise number 1

Among other things, Eurogamer reports on the expected file sizes. The case is clear on the Xbox consoles, because the Starfield preload has already officially started here. It’s pretty much exactly 100 GB for the standard edition of the sci-fi role-playing game and 117 GB for the premium edition. This still has a digital art book, the game soundtrack, a skin pack and a story expansion in hand luggage. Starfield is one of the biggest Xbox games ever.

Now where’s the surprise? There is already an indication of the file size of the PC version of Starfield. This comes from the Microsoft Store, where there is also an unconfirmed preload function – Steam players still have to register until August 30th. wait. And with 139.84 GB, this version is significantly larger than the console versions. Microsoft specifies the same file size for Starfield Standard and Premium, which is curious. It is not yet known whether Microsoft will only inflate the file size for a possible Day 1 patch.

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Surprise number 2

That’s surprising, because Starfield officially needs 125 GB on the PC – on the SSD. This information will continue to be publicly visible on Steam. So where does the difference to the MS Store version come from? It could actually be because the games from the MS Store like to install all languages. This explains the 15 GB difference. However, there should also be differences between the stand and the digital premium in the PC version. However, these have not yet been discussed.


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