Starfield: Not a single bug after 15 hours of play

Starfield: Not a single bug after 15 hours of play

To all appearances, Starfield has hardly any bugs and can be played without errors. The move obviously did the game good.

Although it’s strictly forbidden to talk about your Starfield experience, not all playtesters abide by this convention.

So it was now known that Starfield would not only look stunning, but that after about 15 hours of play not a single bug had occurred.

Tyler McVickers further announced that Starfield starts slowly and tries not to overwhelm you with systems and decisions. Starfield would quickly become “overwhelming,” so the first few hours were “kinda weird.” But once you get into the main story, it should be excellent.

Tyler McVickers: “It’s amazing how good this game looks despite being developed on the Creation Engine. And 15 hours in and so far not a single bug!”

“This game is special, I’ll tell you.”

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