Starfield: That’s how much storage space the universe needs

Starfield: That's how much storage space the universe needs

Bethesda and Microsoft have released the pre-load for Starfield and thus the storage space is also known.

How much disk space does Starfield need? This is the question players around the world have been asking themselves for weeks. Today there is finally the answer, because the pre-load on the Xbox Series X/S is now possible and thus answers the question.

Accordingly, Starfield requires a storage space of 139.84 GB. So you have to free up around 140 GB so that you can preinstall Starfield.

Starfield storage space

  • Starfield – Main Game – 139.84 GB
    • Starfield – Artbook & Digital Soundtrack – 15.07GB

You can already pre-order the game and get started on September 1, 2023 with the Premium Edition or the Xbox Game Pass and the Premium Upgrade:


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