Starfield: The embargo on testing is different than expected

Starfield: The embargo on testing is different than expected

With Starfield’s release approaching, the question has recently arisen in the fan community as to when the embargo on testing will be lifted and when press representatives like PCGH will be allowed to release their tests. Although there are answers to these questions, the test embargo is different than expected.

Starfield: When will the test embargo go?

As reported by our colleagues at GamePro, the test embargo for Starfield will be lifted on August 31, at 6 p.m. German time fall. From this point on, the press is allowed to publish the first tests including ratings. GamePro states that the test sample for the Xbox Series X/S version reached them last Thursday (August 17). But unfortunately one is only allowed to report when the review embargo will fall – specific information would be covered by the embargo.

Starfield: You didn’t know these things

Starfield: When does Early Access start for players?

As we recently reported, Starfield preload is staggered by platform. Xbox players were allowed to start the preload on August 17th. PC players will have to wait a little longer, it’s not supposed to start until August 30th. That’s just before the start of Early Access. But when can normal players start now? The actual release of the normal edition of Starfield takes place on September 6th, at 2am. Players who have purchased higher value editions (Digital Premium Edition for 100 euros for example) are allowed into early access on September 1st, at 2 a.m. German time.

Just a few days ago, there was a lack of clarity about the review situation at Starfield. It was initially said that review keys should be issued simultaneously to content creators and press representatives on September 1st. Then it was said that only content creators would get their codes on September 1st. With the new information from GamePro, it is now clear that press representatives were given access to Starfield even earlier than content creators.

Source: via GamePro


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