Street Fighter 6: Cleared Arcade Mode with Kimberly

Street Fighter 6: Cleared Arcade Mode with Kimberly

In this Street Fighter 6 video you can follow the story of Kimberly and get a first impression.

Street Fighter 6 is back on Xbox and it’s a huge hit among fighting game fans. In addition to the Battle Hub, the World Tour and more, there is also, as always, the Arcade mode, where you can experience the story of each fighter.

In this video we played through Arcade mode with Kimberly. Kimberly herself is a new fighter in Street Fighter 6 and a student of Guy from Street Fighter Alpha. She hates tearjerker movies but loves 80s music, sneakers and mountain bikes.

With her 1.68 m, she is one of the small fighters, but she can still dish out a lot and likes it colorful.

We recorded the whole thing for you so that you too can get an impression of Kimberly.

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