Student is so addicted to cheese that she even stops her period

Radiantly beautiful: Adela Cojab

A New York City law student has overcome her addiction to cheese after basing almost her entire diet around it. The “New York Post” Adela Cojab reported that she ate copious amounts of white cheddar and parmesan almost every day during her freshman year. “I would stop at either Morton Williams or Whole Foods and just buy cheese and literally eat a block of cheese with my hands,” she told the New York Post.

Despite her attempts to eat a salad, she often ended up “eating Parmesan with Caesar dressing, with lettuce on the side.” However, she seemed to attribute her addiction to financial reasons rather than medical ones. Cojab explained that it was cheaper to buy cheese than a $12 salad.

Expert: High fat and salt concentrations can lead to cheese addiction

Dr. Neal Barnard, author of The Cheese Trap and associate professor of medicine at George Washington University School of Medicine, pointed out the possible causes of such cheese addiction, according to the New York Post. He said the high concentration of fat and salt, as well as the protein casein, in cheese could cause people to become addicted. “Cheese contains opiates that attach to the same brain receptors as fentanyl or other narcotics,” he said.

Cojab’s addiction to cheese led to health problems, including severe weight gain and an increased risk of type 2 diabetes. Her period also stopped for five months.

Student gets cheese addiction under control

The 27-year-old ended up attending a two-week, thousand-dollar wellness retreat to get her eating disorder under control. She found a healthy way to control her love of cheese without endangering her health. She also lost the kilos she had eaten. These days, when choosing her cheese, Cojab opts for a “lighter” mozzarella instead of a Vermont cheddar or parmesan, the report says.

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