SV Zulte Waregem: What the rainbow has to do with cyclists

SV Zulte Waregem: What the rainbow has to do with cyclists

It’s not an everyday logo that Zulte Waregem has given itself. Two colored ellipses with a rainbow above them. So far, so unusual.

But there is by no means a nuclear power plant in Waregem, Belgium, and the two ellipses have nothing to do with an atomic symbol, as some might think at first glance. The red and green ovals represent the club colors and are intended to symbolize the dynamism of the current second division team.

And why the rainbow? When in 2001 the clubs Zultse VV and KSV Waregem merged, the new club used the stadium in Waregem – the “Regenboogstadion”. In 1957 the road cycling world championships took place in Waregem, the newly opened arena was the destination. The World Cup winner got a rainbow jersey.

The name of the stadium is derived from this – and the rainbow found its way into the club’s logo. Incidentally, since February 1, 2021, the sports facility has been called “Elindus Arena”, named after a West Flemish energy supplier. The area was renamed “Rainbow Park”.

Below the coat of arms is the word “grensverleggend” in green letters, which means something like “groundbreaking”.


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