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Switch 2 uppges försenas för att undvika så kallade scalpers

Rumor: Nintendo is calling its next console the New Switch

Nintendo has finally decided to announce that the Switch 2 is on the way, scheduled to be unveiled by March 2025 at the latest. Aside from the rumors,...
Report: Activision and Nintendo were working on a Donkey Kong adventure

Report: Activision and Nintendo were working on a Donkey Kong adventure

Many are wondering why Nintendo is showing such disinterest in Donkey Kong, which hasn't had a new adventure since the release of Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze for the...
Nintendo strukturerar om och gör sig av med personal

Nintendo is restructuring and cutting staff

One of the few companies that didn't appear to be affected by layoffs in the increasingly stingy tech world was Nintendo. But now it looks like reality has...
Mother 3

Mother 3 Creator to Western Fans: “Contact Nintendo”

Ever since the acclaimed third installment of Mother (called Earthbound in the West) was released in Japan for the Gameboy Advance in 2006, fans have asked both its creator...
Flera Rare-klassiker ute nu till Nintendo Switch Online

Several rare classics are now available on Nintendo Switch Online

You can now download and play five classics from British studio Rare on Switch. Those who subscribe to Nintendo Switch Online (plus the expansion pack in the case...
Princess Peach: Showtime

Brie Larson: “I’ve probably played every Nintendo game ever released”

We've known for a long time that Brie Larson is a Nintendo fan, as Captain Marvel has appeared in many commercials for the game manufacturer and often spoke on...
Rykte: Nintendo utannonserar något Gamecube-relaterat idag

Rumor: Nintendo is announcing something with Gamecube today

Later today (February 21) at 3:00 p.m., Nintendo will provide a new Nintendo Direct stream intended for third parties. This means that we can't expect any news about...
Nintendos aktier faller efter rapporten om Switch 2-förseningen

Nintendo shares fall after report of Switch 2 delays

In recent days, a growing number of independent sources, including Bloomberg, have said the same thing: Nintendo has pushed the launch of the Switch 2 in the first half...
Imorgon är det dags för en ny Nintendo Direct

Tomorrow it’s time for another Nintendo Direct

Nintendo has made it a tradition to host the Nintendo Direct every February, so anticipation was high when rumors about the first Direct Showcase of 2024 emerged a few...
Rykte: Nästa Nintendo-konsol försenas till 2025

Rumor: The next Nintendo console will be postponed to 2025

It feels like rumors about Nintendo's next console have been popping up every week for the past few months, and the claim that the Super Nintendo Switch/Nintendo Switch 2...