The Marseillais: Carla Moreau finds Benjamin and Maddy at the airport!

The Marseillais: Carla Moreau finds Benjamin and Maddy at the airport!

Three famous Marseilles found themselves unexpectedly at the airport. Indeed, Carla Moreau, Benjamin and Maddy ended up on the same flight.

The famous Marseillais evolve

The famous Marseillais were revealed on W9 already 10 years ago. While the show was a huge success on the channel, the candidates found themselves in the spotlight. And yes, these last know a crazy notoriety today.

Since their revelation, they have come a long way. Indeed, initially known to be big partygoers, they have evolved. Many figures of the show are married and now parents. And yes, the famous family from the south of France continues to grow.

Moreover, three months ago, Paga welcomed her first child. In a relationship with Giuseppa, the latter realized the dream of his life: to become a dad. Little Giorgia pointed the tip of her nose And seems to make his parents happy. The two stars of W9 then flourish fully in their new role. Something to melt their fans who love to follow their new life.

If the Marseillais have come a long way, friendships have ended. Indeed, life has drawn them apart and sometimes separated them. This is the case of Carla Moreau who is very distant with the rest of the group. Yet, the latter met Benjamin and Maddy at the airport.

@aqagossip PREVIEW: Benji & Maddy VS Carla Moreau at Mykonos airport… Big tension in the air, Benji walked past Carla without saying hello! —— #aqababe #carlamoreau #benjisamat #maddyburciaga ♬ xoxo gossip girl – &lt3

Carla Moreau at war with Benjamin and Maddy?

Needless to say, Carla Moreau and Kevin Guedj have decided to divorce. Indeed, the famous couple from Marseilles has experienced very difficult times. After the witchcraft affair, rumors of deception and a bad agreement, the parents of little Ruby chose to continue their journey separately. Ouch!

Following this divorce and these many affairs, Carla Moreau therefore distanced herself from Les Marseillais. Today, she evolves on her side and no longer shares anything with them. It is alongside her daughter and her family that she prefers to evolve. Eh yes !

But today, the latter was brought to find two ex-friends. While the latter was returning from Greece, she came across two Marseillais by chance. Indeed, Maddy and Benjamin Samat were in the same airport at the same time. While the three candidates have not had contact for several years, they found themselves confronted.

In a video shared by Aqababe, we see the three candidates who pass each other without saying hello. Indeed, the latter preferred to ignore each other. The atmosphere therefore seems really tense between them. But what is the real reason for this argument?

To date, Carla Moreau has not spoken on this subject. However, it is no secret, following the witchcraft affairmany Marseillais had decided to turn their backs on Ruby’s mother.

One thing is certain, the Marseillais have not finished shaking the Web. To be continued.


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